Weekend Brunch with NOOKU

Sometimes the best shoots are the ones that happen naturally, with good friends and good food and drink. A few months ago we did just that. We had just moved back from Waco, TX (to hear a little bit about that story go here), just barely settled into our new/old house, and we got together with some friends for a Sunday brunch, featuring Nooku Bourbon Cream. Nothing was perfect about this at all. Our house was still not unpacked, the food was nothing fancy, but the coffee was hot and our friends who gathered made this shoot what it is. And all those imperfections are often what make lifestyle photography successful. Imperfect is real and good and honest. That's what I want to be about.  

Shot for: Nooku Bourbon Cream
Services: Photography and Creative Direction
Food/pastry props: Bindle Coffee
Location: My house - to book it for a shoot go here. Also, we've been renovating the past few months so it looks a little different now than when we did this shoot, but you get the idea ;). 

weekend brunch 1
weekend brunch 2
weekend brunch 3
weekend brunch 4
weekend brunch 5
weekend brunch 6
weekend brunch 7
weekend brunch 8
weekend brunch 9