Defining Your Enough

How much is enough?


This is such a loaded question, right? Enough what? Money, happiness, down time, work, etc? When we talk about enough, it doesn't always mean dollar signs, but we do need money to survive right?  Over the years, my definition of "enough" has changed from just focusing on the numbers to focusing on quality of life as well. So below I've outlined 3 simple ways to pursuing your definition of enough. 

1. Know your financial needs. Then set your number. 
In order to know how much money is enough each month, start by writing down how much you actually need to cover your basic needs (for example: mortgage, daycare, utilities, groceries, insurance, etc.) Once you know this number, you then know how many services, products, or projects you need to book each month. From there you can set your monthly financial goal. Knowing this number opens up space to pursue enough in other areas. 

2. Define your personal needs. 
What I mean by this is all the needs you have outside of your work. Your wellbeing. The things that bring joy. It could be working out, cooking, playing with your kids, going on vacation, reading, shopping, etc. The point is to write down the things that bring joy and then make intentional time for those things every week.
I use to feel immense guilt if I went to the gym for an hour while my husband was with our son. But then I realized that working out and being healthy is something that brings me joy and something that makes me a better wife and mom when I am home. My husband also knows this and therefore is supportive and encouraging when I get to have time to myself. So that time working out is not only special, it also brings me closer to living my "enough". It's a win-win. 

3. Be ok with your enough.
Once you've defined your enough including your finances and your personal needs, be intentional about being ok with that. This might be harder than the first two because it's a mental shift. It's so easy to think more = happiness. And It's ok to keep pursuing excellence and growth (in fact, you should!), but at some point, enough is enough, right? Pursuing your definition of enough = pursuing joy over the long haul. 

If you never define your enough in all aspects of life, you might find yourself never being satisfied with anything. You will always be jumping from thing to thing searching for a happiness that ultimately never happens because it will never be enough. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. How do you find your happiness? What is enough for you? 

If you never define your enough in all aspects of life, you might find yourself never being satisfied with anything.