How To Identify Your Ideal Client

More and more new businesses are opening, products are launching, and services are being offered on a daily basis. Combine that with access to almost anyone in the world through social media, and you have a lot more noise and distraction. We are bombarded with messaging from the beginning of our day until we shut it off at night. So how do you stand out in your industry and reach the people you need to reach without shouting to the masses and getting lost in the crowd? A clearly defined ideal client, also known as a customer persona. When you clearly define your ideal client and understand their needs, you can speak directly to that person. And when you speak directly to your people using a clear message they can understand, they’re more likely to buy from you over and over again. You build trust, and people buy from companies they trust. So how do you identify your ideal client? A key aspect is understanding your core offering. If you can’t identify what you do best, how do you know who will need or want what you have to offer? The next step is creating an in-depth ideal client profile. The more you know about your ideal client, the better you can speak to them, their needs, and provide solutions to their problems. Below are a few things to include when creating your ideal client profile

  1. Demographics (age, gender, marital status, occupation, education, income, etc.)

  2. Favorites (hobbies, books, movies, blogs, social media channels, etc.)

  3. Goals & Values (in relation to what you offer)

  4. Challenges & Pain Points (what is their challenge? What are their fears and worries in relation to what you offer?)

  5. Objections (to your product or service)

  6. Motivations (what are they motivated by? what gets them to purchase?)

  7. Key Strategies. Once you know the above you can create a strategy to speak directly to your ideal client in the way they will understand and take action.

To help guide the process, I created a client profile worksheet that will help to clearly define your ideal client, where they hang out, where they get their information, and what prompts them to buy. You can use this worksheet as a guide when creating your overall marketing strategy or when launching a specific product or service. Because honestly, who has time to shout to the masses and be everything to everyone? I don’t! The more specific you are, and the better you know your ideal client, the easier it is to speak to them with a clear message they will understand and ultimately take action.

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