My Blog is Back!

Hi there! If you've followed me for any amount of time you probably know that I usually have my hands in a lot of different things. Believe me, I have TRIED doing just one thing. My husband is an expert at it and has more patience than anyone I've met. I, on the other hand, thrive when my brain is firing on all cylinders. I get bored when I don't have challenges in front of me, and I'm not good at just sitting and relaxing. I used to think something was wrong with me. Like, hello, can you just do ONE thing?! Can you just sit still?! The answer is no, ha. I started working with a Strengths coach about a year ago (more on this later), and it turns out, I'm actually good at starting and doing a lot of different things. Finally, an explanation, or at least an excuse as to why I tend to do a lot different things at once :). 

Anyway! A few years ago I had a lifestyle blog… some of you may remember it. And then I had my first baby. It was a life changer! My time was not my time anymore, and I had very little time to get things done (still do actually). Needless to say, something had to give, and the blog seemed like the thing to put away for a while. I knew I would come back to it eventually when it felt right. Now that I've had my second baby and life has settled a bit (who am I kidding, there will never been enough time) I'm diving back in! Unfortunately I lost a lot of the content I had (I have no idea where it went) so I'm starting from scratch. Here you'll find some of my client photography work as well as a lot of home/interior content (like before and afters of our 1980s fixer upper) mixed with a little bit of everything (i.e capsule wardrobe), health, food, business/entrepreneurship, etc. Hopefully it's not just another blog to follow, but a place of inspiration, encouragement, how-tos, before and afters, and a lot of fun. 

Lastly, and maybe the most important thing to take away from this… everything I talk about, post, share, and link on this blog are things I genuinely care about, use, promote, and believe in. No product pushing or fake posts around here. Just my real experiences, thoughts, and ideas. I hope you enjoy!

And next up, I’ll be sharing a round up of some of my favorite picks for Spring! Stay tuned.