City Neutrals + My Creative Process

Before starting the “At Ease” painting, I envisioned rich texture and muted tones to keep it feeling classy and somewhat effortless. Painting is so much about feeling for me so it’s important my collectors feel a connection to the art in their homes. My creative process usually begins by gathering inspiration from sources other than paintings. In fact, I don’t like to look at other paintings when getting inspiration for my own because it never feels right, and for good reason. Instead, a lot of my inspiration comes from travel, architecture, fashion and environments. With this painting, I pulled from both wardrobe/street style and furniture. I love the emphasis on texture and neutrals, creating richness and depth, but still keeping it simple. I typically curate 5-10 images, textures, colors, or anything else I’m inspired by before starting to paint. Once I have the palette, mood, composition, and overall vibe, then I begin. Most of the time it evolves as I go, but having a creative process before even putting paint to canvas creates a good road map. Below you can see some of the pieces I curated as inspiration for this new piece. And the warm wood tones in the frame just top it off in my opinion.
Until next time!